how bloggers help SEO

Blogging is a huge deal these days because everyone follows or reads peoples blog, they trust them and in what they are saying or talking about. 44% of people will listen to their blogs and go on the persons judgement.The blogger has to keep the reader interested in the blog so trying to keep the information interesting can be very difficult but also the person has to under the information if they are going to share the information with other people.

Companies  now  a days are competing against each other to get the better each SEO, search engine opimization not eveyone understands the system and of course thats acceptable because it a complicated system but also very competative.

You must always have fresh on content because otherwise the SEO will drop your blog and business down.

ou must keep a steady blog filled with new and fresh informations every week. Those search engines customers use to find companies just like yours will pull the freshest and most relevant content whenever a search is performed.

By blogging, you build relationships with your readers, position yourself as an expert in the field, and perhaps most importantly, provide new content for Google to index.

SEO is great for small business owners for many reasons because it gives them the chance to be noticed and for people to know about there business product or service, a benefit is that it can create a business friendly website, find new customers, explore new markets and Build brand awareness through better rankings these are all great ays for business and bloggers to get ranked high. A blog acts as a great social media keeping the customers in formed be cause in control of the business and what they can expect.

When blogs are shared between people and clicked on more it gains a lot of popularity. This means they will move up more in search engine rankings. By regularly updating new content this can help with getting more shares and a wider audience accessing your blog.

Top 5 tip for creating great Facebook content

When Facebook was first set up in 2004 people really didn’t know what is was about or how to use it. This was a new way of communicating to your friends and families. Mark zuckerburg was the person to invent or find Facebook, no-one ever thought that Facebook would every reach 1.23billion users in 2014.

People now a days use Facebook for all sorts of thing such as work, advertising, companies finding out about their employees, personal life and many many more reasons.

Here are a few tips how on how to create great Facebook content.

1. Be relevant.

When trying to improve your Facebook content your page must be relevant to the people you are trying to impress or trying to target, Such as no-one wants to read news that isn’t relevant to them or the news is about a topic that wouldn’t interest them, news that is a few weeks old should not be written about 2 pr 3 weeks after it has happened. One of my favourite Facebook pages to follow would be Missguided as they keep you updated on all their new fashion trends. As you can see from the picture below 782k followers so they have to keep updated.

2. Post videos & pictures.

I think this is very good for creating good content because people will look at a video or a picture before they would read a long paragraph about what you are trying to get across to them, when you are posting the video or picture you must make sure that it is clear but also understandable as you want your followers or friends to be able to understand what you are trying to get across to them.

Youtube is a great source for great videos for companies to improve there Facebook page content.

3. Run a Competition.

People love winning prizes for free so running a competition on your Facebook page by getting them to like your page before or after they have entered is a way of getting traffic onto and through your site. You don’t have to run a huge competition, you could easily run a simply competition for a voucher for their favourite shop for the value of 50euro.

Here is a simply competition poster that was run for a boozberries product.

4. Create a 2 two way conversation.

If you are a company and running a Facebook page, you might consider having a conversation open to your customers such that they can express who they feel about the topic so it is a two way conversation, people will hear abutting and want to get involved, you must be careful In how you approach this you can’t hurt or offend how people feel or think. But it is a good way of getting you name out there.

5. Be creative not always serious.

When posting on your Facebook page you don’t anyways have to be serious you can be funny, or try create memes that people will find funny that has got to do with you or the company. People don’t always have to be reading or seeing serious content people like to see a change and enjoyment being had w

hile on a social media.

The Future of Social Media is Mobile


Right so here is my second blog post, its on “The future of social media is mobile.” I will be discussing how I feel about this topic with the help of marketing specialists. I feel that this is a very topical topic because I feel people should know a lot about social media because its the new big world,  A lot of businesses are using social media to communicate with their customers and dealing with complaints such as 48network , This company uses social media to deal with customers in the sense that if a customer has a problem with their mobile they can e-mail or tweet the company and they will respond within 10 minutes of the message been sent.
Personally I use social media a lot using Facebook, twitter, Instagram. When I travelled to Calcutta last year with The Hope Foundation I used it even more because I used it to communicate with my family and friends when I had access to free Wi-Fi. This was a huge advantage so my family knew I was safe.
  “This year, it was revealed that 60% of Twitter users access the social network on their mobile – and that in one recent month, 66% of user generated tweets mentioning brands were executed through mobile devices. ” This statistic is given by The guardian
This is showing that people are taking about products the whole time and I find people are going to look up products before they buy them, people always put how they feel about a product or a service on social media. Social Media can also be dangerous in the sense that what goes on social media stays on social media. so Be Careful out there with what you post to people or about people. The Relevant put up a really good article on 8 dangers of social media. Its a MUST READ!Capture

My App Idea

So here I am, 3rd year, in CIT, studying Marketing. First time ever blogging so be patient! Excited to be studying digital marketing. All is going well until we’re told “you need to come up with an app idea and enter into the “APPrentice”  I wasn’t to sure on what topic to even pick so I chose a topic that I felt would benefit me and my everyday life, I came up with a few ideas and this is the idea I came up with, To be able to see the clothes that you are purchasing on your physical self, to see if it will fit you and if it will suit your body shape and size. This will bring the amount of returns to a minimum.

How it will be possible, With this app you will have to scan a picture of yourself from the mirror and place in your body measurements, this then will provide the app with the details it will need. The app then will show the person the outfit on themselves and show which size would fit the person best.

The app will show then all the outfits available to them in the size that fits them best, Each shop will have a separate part to the app, so you will have to choose which shop you want to browse through and see their product range.


11039446_10155361462510347_1835173605_n 11051375_10155361462580347_467233184_n

This app is going to be targeting the female gender to begin with as its going to be shops that supply their clothing if it is successful it will be expand to the male gender. This app will really benefit others as they will be able to order knowing the product will fit them and how it will look on them, I had summited the app but will waiting on the verdict. Wish me luck! I will leave you with this Picture.

Ruth O Callaghan